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Open Road Tolling & The SunPass

SunPass and SunPass Mini are available to purchase today at Publix and CVS, and they are your key to enjoying the safety, convenience and faster commuting time of ORT! Simply display your SunPass or SunPass Mini in your windshield when traveling MDX roadways, and then drive safely to your destination. Did you pass through a tolling gantry without a SunPass? Don't worry, you won't get a ticket. Please call our customer service center at 1-888-833-0910 to register your license plate. You will also be receiving a bill in the mail for the amount of the toll, plus an additional processing fee.

Both the SunPass and the SunPass Mini are conveniently linked to your credit card. Tolls will be deducted electronically, and when your balance is depleted, it can easily be replenished automatically. Alternatively, your account can be refilled by cash, check or money order, in person or by mail.

To learn more about the SunPass or SunPass Mini, or to buy one today, please click on the link below.

Get a SunPass